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Car Sales - Be Less Typical - Setting Your Competition Up For Failure with Kinny Landrum

#11: Setting Your Competition Up for Failure – Kinny Landrum Part 1

“I became the most liked, poor salesperson on the floor.”


That is a direct quote from our guest this week on the Be Less Typical in Car Sales podcast. Kinny Landrum had a dream when he was young to own and operate a restaurant. You will hear about how he pursued his dream, yet when he got to where he thought he wanted to be, he realized that it wasn’t the right fit.

He had to pivot and change careers. Through persistence and determination, he landed a job selling cars for Toyota of Bowling Green. It turned out to be a great opportunity, but it took a lot of work and fortitude to get to where he is today. He details some of his struggles and many of his wins as he began to figure out where his place was within the dealership and the automotive industry.

Through networking and reaching out for help, he developed an online strategy that has lead to significant opportunity over time. He has since become a mentor to many, and continues to inspire others every day. Read more

Social Selling with Laura Madison - Be Less Typical in Car Sales

#10: Social Selling & Personal Branding with Laura Madison

How can you use social selling and video in car sales? We aren’t talking about at the dealer level, but more so on the level that you, the sales consultant, can capitalize on. The power that it can create for you and your own personal brand is “fierce” as our guest would call it. In this weeks episode of the Be Less Typical in Car Sales podcast, we meet Laura Madison, a.k.a. Laura Toyota, @LauraDrives.

She is a former high line fashion associate from New York that traveled across the country a number of years back and worked to earn a position at a Toyota dealership in Montana. A very different business and market from what she was accustomed to. In the episode, she explains how she capitalized on her own personal style and demeanor to build a brand that has catapulted her to the forefront of the automotive industry and the social selling scene. She exudes energy and passion, and she reveals some of her top strategies that helped her achieve such renown in a very short period of time. Read more

FIT Sunday Healthy Fish Sticks - Be Less Typical in Car Sales

Friday Night Fish Sticks & Sweet Potato Fry(day)

It’s only Sunday, but it’s never too early to start planning for the week.  One of my favorite dinners to make on a Friday night is Fish Sticks (they’re good every other night of the week too!). They’re quick and easy, kids love them & my husband loves them too.  To top it all off, this recipe is probably the healthiest and tastiest I’ve found so far!  Baked instead of fried and gluten free. You can make the breading ahead of time and keep in the refrigerator if you know you’re going to be tired or extra short on time. Enjoy! Read more

Car Sales - Made a Mistake - Be Less Typical

An Open Question: What To Do When You Make a Mistake

With so many variables in a car deal, it is getting increasingly more difficult to wow a customer in even the most routine of situations. What do you do when you make a mistake?

I was recently made aware of a transaction where we sold a client a car. We aggressively priced our vehicle, provided a very fair trade-in value and met the customer at an agreeable end price that both parties were happy with.

The sales consultant provided a print out for the client to take to his credit union for financing and prepared for delivery. When the client got to the credit union and they contacted the us for lien placement, we provided the wrong dollar amount and in turn had to call the client to inform him that we had made a small error. Even though the paperwork he was given when he was at the dealership was accurate and we had only made a small verbal error over the phone, the client was very upset. He argued that because of the error we were obliged to honor the mistake and therefore absorb the difference in price at our loss. Read more

Be Less Typical - Troy Spring

#09: Mastermind Groups: The Decision to Surround Yourself With Success with Troy Spring

Troy Spring has an air of enthusiasm and energy that is contagious. This attitude has helped propel him on a journey of influence and success, and earned him the nickname of “Turbo”. Listen in this week as we break down his steps to automotive sales success. We discover his true drive and passion, and come to understand what this nickname is all about. Read more

Be Less Typical - Car Sales Climbing the Leadership Ladder

#08: 5 Secrets to Help You Climb the Leadership Ladder – with Molly Padovini

Molly Padovini is a phenomenal leader and mentor to those that are following in her footsteps. She holds a leadership role and is the General Manager of the Elder Automotive Groups Michigan based Jaguar, Land Rover and Aston Martin dealerships. The role model she has become for many women and men in the automotive industry didn’t happen overnight though, and as she explains in this episode, there were many challenges along the way. We discuss what it was like being a woman in the industry back when there was typically only one female on the sales floor, to how she helped create a foundation that was designed to help the advancement of women in automotive industry. Read more

Be Less Typical Car Sales - Whats the Word

What’s the Word Podcast with Cheval John

Cheval John is a best selling author and freelance writer that is also the host of the popular podcast, Whats the Word?

He set aside some time to have a candid conversation with Courtney and Patrick regarding their interests, experiences and what it is exactly that drives the automotive industry. He shared his thoughts about the perception of a car sales professional – and what the Be Less Typical – Car Sales podcast has done to change his thoughts about the people that suit up every day to go work at a dealership.

You can listen to the interview here.

Be Less Typical - Car Sales Mentor Me

Mentor Me? A Guide to Starting Out

“Well, so far I can log onto my computer, and I know where the bathrooms are! Progress.”


This post in my Facebook news feed from a friend who started a new job today, takes me right back to my first day working at the car dealership.

I remember nervously entering the parking lot on that first day, wondering where to park. It’s a car dealership. There are cars everywhere. So where do the employees park, I wondered? Having no idea, I arbitrarily parked right up by the front door. My new manager saw me enter the building and immediately sent me back out to move my car, pointing out the location of the employee parking lot, way behind the building. It’s great to have a manager who is helpful and kind, but wouldn’t it be nice to not have to repeatedly ask your manager for help? Let’s face it. Managers are busy, and having an employee that doesn’t require constant attention makes a manager’s job easier and the employee more valuable.

Mentor programs help smooth out the transition for newbies, but often car dealerships don’t even offer a formal training program, let alone a mentor program. New employees may feel like they are on their own when it comes to figuring out their new job. This might be perfectly fine for someone with car sales experience. But if you are new to the business, you probably have a million questions and a million more you don’t even know you have yet.

Therefore, it will be up to you, to find a mentor for yourself. Here are some ideas on how to find a mentor and how to help them help you. Read more

5 Social Strategies for Car Sales


At Be Less Typical-Car Sales, we have had an opportunity to talk with some of today’s top car sales performers and find out how they are leveraging social media and the social strategies that go along with it.

The following are the top 5 strategies we have uncovered:

1.  Share your day: Use social media to stay top of mind with your friends, family & social network. Everyone in your network should know where you work and what you do for a living. Share your work life by posting dealership events, new vehicle/model reveals and poll you audience questions.  For example: Post a picture of a new vehicle color option with a caption: Check out this new color. Love it -or- Hate it? This gets people engaged.

2.  Use video: Videos allow consumers to meet you before they come into the dealership.  Ideas for videos include walk arounds, option awareness/functionality & how to’s. For example: How to pair a mobile device with bluetooth in a vehicle.

3.  Hashtags: You might not see the ROI (return on investment) in black and white, but hashtagging allows customers to search and find your content easily without having to search through your social feed.  Is your dealership involved in a charity or do you provide content on a particular topic? If so, hashtag it.  For example: #DealOfTheDay

4.  Be Helpful: Create and curate content that customers are looking for. If you see a trend in the questions being asked, consider answering it on social.  This increases your visibility and builds your credibility as a trusted resource. How do you know what people want? Ask your customers!

5.  Use social to communicate: Offer it to customers as a means of follow up.  For example: Patrick, what’s your preferred method of communication; phone, email or direct message on social media? The benefits of leveraging social media in the marketplace are endless. Many dealerships are still questioning the use of it, but the question should be how to properly train employees to leverage it effectively. Follow the five key strategies we have shared and start experiencing the difference it can make in your business.