Pay It Forward - Golden Nugget 005 Be Less Typical in Car Sales

Pay It Forward – Golden Nugget 005

This weeks Golden Nugget comes from our conversation with James Johnson. He had one last tip that you can use to surprise and delight your customers. He shares an idea about a monthly mailer that you can use to stay front of mind with your customers and generate some referral business.  Read more

Age Is Irrelevant, Just Stay Hungry with James Johnson

#21: Age Is Irrelevant, Just Stay Hungry with James Johnson

There is a salesman at David Wilson’s Toyota of Las Vegas who describes himself as a “marketer.” He sells Toyotas, but he also markets himself,  “James Johnson.”

For the last 30 years, James has sold every brand of vehicle imaginable. He considers himself an “information junkie,” who rents an office to store the massive collection of books he’s read. James is a student of the car business and mentors colleagues with the lessons he’s learned from his vast library of experience. Read more

You Can, You Will: Cultivating Confidence - Be Less Typical in Car Sales

You Can, You Will: Cultivating Confidence


Confidence is an attitude that is carefully developed through very specific behaviors.

“I can’t, I’m scared, What if I fall?” When I coached gymnastics, I heard these lines all the time. The girls were ages seven to thirteen, in a novice level, working towards intermediate.  I remember responding, “You can, and you will!” I’d ask them, “How do you think you’ll feel when you make it?” “What part, specifically are you scared of and why?” From there we would discuss a plan and routine to move from “I can’t,” to “I did it!”.

One way we transitioned from questioning to confidence, was to visualize the perfect routine. This visualization came after we had practiced the tumbling or tricks, before we started working on putting the entire routine together. This is how we cultivated confidence. With confidence that we could make it through the routine without falling, we knew we would finish strong. Now I’m not saying there wasn’t falling and missteps during practice or even during competition sometimes, but we were prepared. We had built confidence, and we went for it!

It’s funny how these lessons have stuck with me throughout life. From my coaches instilling the lesson in me, to being given the opportunity to pass them onto the next generation. The mindset of searching and finding a solution, rather than basking in the problem or being paralyzed by fear. The lessons of preparation and practice are what ultimately cultivates confidence.

How are you going to cultivate confidence today?  

  1. Visualize where you want to go or what you want to be
  2. Chart out your plan to get there
  3. Execute your plan


Jonathan Dawson & The Movie Called "Your Life"

#20: Jonathan Dawson & The Movie Called “Your Life”

Jonathan Dawson, owner of Sellchology – an automotive sales training, speaking and consultant company explains how his entrepreneurial spirit kicked in at a young age and how he eventually found himself in the car business. Before Jonathan was successful, he spent some time learning at the school of “hard knocks.” With the counsel of his faith, he committed to being the best in the business and became the top salesman at his dealership.

In his Sellchology sales seminars, Jonathan teaches selling through principles and psychology, rather than mimicking traits or selling through process.

Jonathan offers three action items to set yourself up for success:

  1. Productivity tracking
  2. Use of technology to connect with your audience
  3. Becoming a student of the business

Read more

"Share A Coke With...Your Customer" - Golden Nugget 004

“Share A Coke With…Your Customer” – Golden Nugget 004

“Share A Coke With…Your Customer”


This weeks Golden Nugget once again comes from our conversation with Bill Stout. He shares one last tip that you can use to surprise and delight your customers on delivery. He explains how you can use a personalized Coke bottle to put the exclamation mark on a polished and professional experience. Read more

Facing Adversity - Be Less Typical in Car Sales

Facing Adversity

Adversity is a main story line in many places all around us. In the movies the good guy usually stands up to the bad guy, the underdog beats the odds to come out on top.  These types of storylines make us feel good. They makes us feel like we can overcome any obstacle. They give us a sense that the good guy sometimes does win.  They make us think we can conquer whatever life throws at us. Think; the Blind Side (I still cry every time I watch it), Erin Brockovich, Captain Phillips, or Into the Wild.

Every day we are faced with adversity.  Perhaps we’re not faced with being homeless or captured by pirates, but we are faced with situations that force us to make a choice.  They force us to react.  We hear this time and time again when speaking with guests for the Be Less Typical Podcast.  Bill Stout talks about his reaction when he’s in a sales slump.  Aaron Dunn tells how he was faced with a decision to pivot his career, education and life. There are countless stories of adversity.  It’s how we react that gets remembered. Read more

The Never Ending Vehicle Delivery Strategy with Bill Stout

#19: The Never Ending Vehicle Delivery Strategy with Bill Stout

Bill Stout, salesman from Scholfield Hyundai West in Wichita, Kansas returns for a second episode. He explains that car sales is like being part of a theatrical production.

Act 1 is the “Never Ending Delivery Strategy,” which is an elaborate show of gratitude filled with thoughtful and memorable surprises for the customer. Bill has taken note of show stopping delivery gifts and reveals the ones people love enough to share on their social networks. It’s no surprise that this often pays off in referrals. Read more

What's Your Vision - Be Less Typical Car Sales

What’s your vision? And I’m not talking about 20/20 or seeing double

What’s your vision?


Has there been a time in your life where you’ve felt a little deja vu (and I’m not talking about the club!) or noticed a recurring theme in the messages you’re hearing or seeing?  This has been happening to me a lot lately.  It seems everywhere I turn, everyone (mentors, business owners, coaches, car sales pros, podcasters, authors) is talking about vision/mission and core values.   Read more

The Ugly Truth About Your CRM & How to Conquer It with Bill Stout

#18: The Ugly Truth About Your CRM & How to Conquer It with Bill Stout

Effective and efficient follow up is key to staying top of mind with your customer base. Bill Stout, a veteran salesman at Scholfield West Hyundai in Wichita, Kansas shares why he doesn’t rely on his dealership’s CRM to keep track of his customers. He explains how he devised his own system to stay in front of his customers long after they drive off the lot. Bill offers simple, “dirt cheap,” ways to keep in touch that provide big returns on a small investment.

Like many top performers, Bill follows a structured workday. He builds time into his day to reach out to past customers in hopes of gaining repeat or referral business. He also sets a daily, quantifiable goal to meet new people that are either in the market to buy a car or know someone who is. Bill offers tips on how and when to fit prospecting into a busy workday.

A mission statement is kept clearly visible within Bill’s workspace and on his personal website He knows it by heart, but he still takes time to read it and live by it, every day. Read more