Women in Automotive Conference - Our Thoughts.

Women in Automotive Conference 2016 – Our Thoughts & Takeaways. Golden Nugget 016

This weeks Golden Nugget breaks down the thoughts Patrick and Courtney have about the 2016 Women in Automotive Conference. 

The event featured some incredible speakers that presented on a number of great topics. From mentorship, leadership and coaching to tactics for marketing more effectively to the female car buyer. This episode breaks down a few of the best thoughts that came from of the event. 

Check it out…it’s short and to the point!

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From Millionaire to Broke(n). The Comeback Corner Story with Mark Jennison

Ep 34: From Millionaire to Broke(n). The Comeback Corner Story with Mark Jennison

If you were to follow Mark Jennison anywhere on social media, your newsfeed would be flooded with inspiring quotes and motivating videos. The Comeback Corner is Mark’s coaching and training company. He started this company as a humble tribute to his rapid rise to success in car sales. His success came on the heels of  recovery from a drug and alcohol addiction relapse. The Comeback Corner is a way for Mark to pay it forward and share his success with others. Read more

"Wave Goodbye" - A Quick Tip from Mike Columbus. Golden Nugget 015

“Wave Goodbye” – A Quick Tip from Mike Columbus. Golden Nugget 015

This weeks Golden Nugget came from a Facebook message Courtney received from Be Less Typical alum, Mike Columbus.

Mike shared an epiphany he had about a step in the sales process. A step that is so simple (and impactful), you will shake your head if you’ve been missing it. Not to worry though…you can start using it right away!

Check it out…it’s short and to the point!

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Ep 33: Becoming the Agent of Change with William J. McCormick

Ep 33: Becoming the Agent of Change with William J. McCormick

At Bert Wolfe Toyota in Charleston, WV there’s a sales representative who works to be a beacon of positivity by giving it his all every day. His name is William McCormick, and he’s a sales representative who uses his sense of individual responsibility to create change. Read more

Get Higher Quality Employees with Better Ads!! - Golden Nugget 014

Get Higher Quality Employees with Better Ads!! – Golden Nugget 014

This weeks Golden Nugget comes from our conversation with Alan Dickie in episode #32.

Alan gives us a great example of how we should be writing our “help wanted” ads. Instead of the boring, old school method of posting an ad with job requirements and responsibilities he throws another idea at us. What if we actually made the job sound exciting??

Check it out…it’s short and to the point!

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The Success Formula. Attitude+Conviction+Energy with Alan Dickie

Ep 32: The Success Formula. Attitude+Conviction+Energy with Alan Dickie

As Alan Dickie approached high school graduation, he observed his Dad’s lifestyle and career. When father and son sat down for a discussion, Alan asked his Dad if life is simply going to work, coming home, paying the bills and going back to work the next day. His father replied that this indeed was, “life.”

Alan felt there was more to life. Something bigger. He didn’t know exactly what that meant, and he admits that he still isn’t sure he has discovered it. That conversation set Alan on track to find a career that allowed him to constantly challenge himself and to never become complacent.

While waiting for a job interview at Walmart, Alan realized that earning $10 per hour stocking shelves, wasn’t the challenge he needed, so he left before the interview and headed home. On his way home he stopped at a car dealership. He walked in with his resume and asked to speak to the sales manager. The sales manager asked, “What makes you think you can do this job?” Alan replied, “What makes you think I can’t do this job?” Following an impromptu two hour interview, Alan was hired and began his career in the car business.

AlanDickie.com, a sales training and professional staffing company was born out Alan’s experience in car sales and sales management. Alan’s main approach uses the principles of motivation and inspiration to offer timeless teachings based on conversational, organizational and personality skills for people who are hungry and desire success. Here is a sampling of what Alan offers his clients:

How to hire proven performers:

When it comes to hiring, Alan recommends hiring proven performers. They can be found by hiring inexperienced outsiders or by hiring “free agents,” from within the organization that are looking to move into a sales role.

Identifying proven performers doesn’t necessarily mean hiring someone who has sold cars before. It means selecting individuals who embody the “ACE” mentality. “ACE,” stands for “Attitude,” “Conviction,” and “Energy.” This combination is a reliable predictor of success.

“ACE,” isn’t just for newbies. It is for leadership too. Alan explains that everyone in the organization from the top down, must get on board with,”ACE.” Management must be willing to display this mentality, and be willing to lead by example.

Where to find top performers with the ACE Mentality:

Young, hungry job seekers are of the “device generation.” They thrive on social media and they aren’t afraid to use these platforms to build their own online brand. Here you’ll find people who have not yet become comfortable and settled into “life,” as described by Alan’s Dad. They have fire in their bellies and believe anything is possible. They are looking for the right leaders and mentors to show them how to do it.

How to attract candidates to your organization:

Sell the opportunity. Rather than writing an ad that discusses pay plan and health insurance, write your ads to highlight the perks of the job and focuses on exciting things like technology that is used daily, and the creativity that can be expressed on the job.

How to interview candidates:

Alan likes to interview in a group setting, conversational style. He advises asking open ended questions, and paying attention to how the candidate reacts and responds. Observe the candidate to see if he or she has the “ACE,” mentality. Then ask yourself, “Would I want to do business with this person?”

How to grow your sales and become a top performer:

To continually grow your business, Alan insists that you cannot become complacent. You must be very afraid of becoming comfortable. To do so you must set your intention. For example, “I want to sell 20 cars this month.” In order to achieve this you must, “create enough opportunities to afford failure.” With a 20% closing rate, one must make 100 new contacts, which can be broken down to 3.3 new contacts per day. Simply number a paper 1-100 and fill in the sheet day by day. This type of repetition allows you to train yourself, and as a result you continue to improve. Alan also suggests finding a mentor, connecting with other salespeople on social media and investing in training.

In conclusion, Alan appreciates the car business because the pressure of the business is what leads to prosperity. He lives by three fundamental guidelines:

  • Where there’s a will, there’s a way.
  • Find a way or find an excuse.
  • You are the problem and you are the solution.

With that mindset, Alan Dickie says, success is guaranteed and you can do ANYTHING you want with your life.


  • Discover the “ACE,” mentality.
  • How to find and hire proven performers to staff your dealership.
  • How to grow your sales by creating enough opportunities to afford failure.
  • Three fundamental guidelines that will guarantee success.



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Staying Current in a Busy World

Staying Current in a Busy World – Golden Nugget 013

This weeks Golden Nugget comes from our conversation with Kevin Presa in episode #31.

Kevin gives a brief explanation as to how he stays up do date on industry topics, training and news even though his schedule is packed all day long. Through effective use of bookmarking, app’s and time management he is able to consume the information relevant to his success when he has down time. 

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Ep 31: Why you should get INTO the Huddle. Talking subprime finance with Kevin Presa

Ep 31: Why you should get INTO the Huddle. Talking subprime finance with Kevin Presa

Kevin Presa has found success in the automotive industry by focusing his talent on a very specific niche of the market. As a subprime, or special finance specialist, he works with clients that have found themselves unable to qualify for a standard bank approval on a car loan. In the episode, he explains that it’s a position that offers many extra rewards to him personally. Rewards that can’t be quantified with dollar signs. Read more

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