Do you Value Culture Over Production? Golden Nugget 027

Do You Value Culture Over Production? Golden Nugget 027

In episode #47, Adam Robinson talked a little bit about hiring new employees that seemed to fit into your company culture. That is, that they seemed to hold the same values that your organization puts in high esteem. He also raised a challenging question regarding current employees that might detract or work against the culture you already have in place. Should you keep them around? What if they were one of your top producers? Read more

Hiring, Interviewing and Reducing Turnover with Adam Robinson of Hireology

Ep 47: Hiring, Interviewing and Reducing Turnover with Adam Robinson of Hireology

According to the NADA, the national average rate of turnover on the sales floor at car dealerships is 72%. Dealers and managers are well aware of this shockingly high statistic. It has endured throughout the years because the costs associated with turnover are easily buried in a dealer’s financial statements.

Adam Robinson, Co-Founder and CEO of Hireology says that not only is the turnover rate 72%, but if a salesperson is going to vacate their position, it typically happens in the first 90 days of employment. Read more

3 Steps to Get Your Footing Online with Kathi Kruse

EP 46: 3 Steps to Get Your Footing Online with Kathi Kruse

It is said that who you are, depends on either nature or nurture. In the case of Kathi Kruse, the answer is likely both. Her grandfather owned a car dealership in downtown Los Angeles, so it could be her nature. But as a child, she chose to play with Hot Wheels and Matchbox Cars, so perhaps it’s nurture too.  

Regardless, Kathi was destined for a career in the car business. Today she is a Social Media Strategist, Marketing Expert, Consultant, Author, Blogger, Speaker and Founder of Kruse Control Inc. Read more

Your Competitor is Cheaper - Handling the objection. Golden Nugget 026

“Your Competitor is Cheaper” – Handling the objection. Golden Nugget 026

In episode #45 with Mike Davenport, the 5 keys to sales success were discussed at length. According to Mike, one of those keys is to learn how to effectively close. Patrick shared that closing begins with getting over the fear of asking for the sale. So many people miss out on sales and income because they never even ask for it. Why? Because they aren’t prepared to continue the conversation when their client brings up an objection.

Mike specifically called out an objection where his client will compare his price with a lower price being offered by one of his competitors. His advice was to ask:

“If the money was the same, who would you rather do business with?”

When they respond by saying they would prefer to buy from him, he asks:


“What else?”

“What else?”

And so on, until they run out of reasons. At that point, he’ll ask for the sale again. Listen to the Golden Nugget to hear him describe it. According to Mike, it almost never fails him.

The key for this to work is that you had better have done an excellent job throughout the process and earned the right to ask a close like this before you use it. The point is, you’re selling and closing based upon yourself, your reputation, and the experience you’re providing. Mike filled us in on the key aspects to providing the experience necessary to ensure this close will work during the full length episode. If you missed it, you can listen here.


Read more

Mike Davenport 5 Keys for Sales Success

Ep 45: Mike Davenport: 5 Keys for Sales Success

Bachman Chevrolet’s “Louisville Chevy Dude,” Mike Davenport sold seven cars his first month in sales. To date, that is his worst month ever. Mike’s steady growth and sales success over the last 17 years is credited to the philosophy of taking care of the customer first. Read more

Ep 44: Four Lessons Learned - A Be Less Typical Update

Ep 44: Four Lessons Learned – A Be Less Typical Update

Patrick and Courtney share about what’s been going on with Be Less Typical in recent months, as well as some insight into future episodes. This episode is different from the usual format, but don’t worry, the show will be back to normal again next week! Read more