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Facing Adversity

Adversity is a main story line in many places all around us. In the movies the good guy usually stands up to the bad guy, the underdog beats the odds to come out on top.  These types of storylines make us feel good. They makes us feel like we can overcome any obstacle. They give us a sense that the good guy sometimes does win.  They make us think we can conquer whatever life throws at us. Think; the Blind Side (I still cry every time I watch it), Erin Brockovich, Captain Phillips, or Into the Wild.

Every day we are faced with adversity.  Perhaps we’re not faced with being homeless or captured by pirates, but we are faced with situations that force us to make a choice.  They force us to react.  We hear this time and time again when speaking with guests for the Be Less Typical Podcast.  Bill Stout talks about his reaction when he’s in a sales slump.  Aaron Dunn tells how he was faced with a decision to pivot his career, education and life. There are countless stories of adversity.  It’s how we react that gets remembered.

So what do you do, when you are faced with adversity at the dealership?  When a customer is being unreasonable? When co-workers are ridiculing you for “doing something different” than the rest, for going outside of the status quo?  For example, maybe you work on a sales floor that’s traditional (or old school) and when co-workers see you recording a video, they make fun of you.  You feel ridiculed.  Do you stop recording?  Do you feel defeated? Do you keep on, regardless of their taunts and joking jabs?

Overcoming adversity is not easy. It can be uncomfortable at times. However it’s the response to adversity, where we have found a common theme among high potential employees, high achievers, those that climb the ranks and those who gain the most success.  The theme is they have all overcome adversity, by taking the bull by its horns and facing it head on.

Here Bill Stout tells us a story about a customer interaction.  One that was difficult. An adverse situation in the dealership that was disruptive to say the least.  Note Bill’s response and the outcome.  


[youtube id=”4HsHKwqFQbA”]


Now, I’m not saying this is an appropriate reaction for every disgruntled customer situation you find yourself in at the dealership.  However, it teaches us all a good lesson.  It’s how we react that matters.  Do we take the high road?  Do we take the hard road? Or maybe the road less traveled?

One big piece of insight I will share is that no matter what the challenge is in front of you, you are not alone in facing it. There are countless others that have either walked or are currently walking down that very same path. Look for them. Reach out to them. Connect. It took me a long time to realize that there is strength in building relationships, and you don’t have to wait. Find a group on Facebook or if someone makes videos that you like on YouTube, reach out to them. You will be surprised at what comes of it.

Have you overcome some adversity to get to where you are at? Interested in sharing it? Your story could be the difference in someone else’s life.



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