Audi Envy - Leasing a New Car from the Customer Perspective

#17: Audi Envy – Leasing a New Car from the Customer Perspective

Since this was the first time that either of us had sat on the other side of the desk (as a customer), we thought it would be interesting to take you on the journey of leasing a new car with us. Outlining the parts of the purchase process that we loved and the ones we wish would have been different. Essentially you’re getting a behind the scenes look into the mind of a car buyer, a very picky car buyer.

From first contact and researching the car we wanted to the test drive and signing paperwork for delivery, we recorded and narrate the thoughts and emotions that we had throughout the entire ordeal. It was quite eye opening! Even though we have lived this business for over a decade each, it was a very valuable experience that has lead to a new understanding for what we do every day and what our clients expect from us.

This episode will end our first “season” of BLT. We will be taking a short break after this week to build out our next number of episodes and explore some changes we want to make to create a better show. We are both taking on new roles at our full time jobs that have impacted our available time for this podcast…so we are adjusting our schedule as well. We will keep you updated through our blog and newsletter regarding the release of our next set of episodes in the weeks to come. So if you haven’t already, please click on the button below or click on this link to subscribe and stay up to date on upcoming content for the podcast.


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5 Items That We Loved About the Process to Lease Our Car:

  1. The ability to do things over the phone and that the deal didn’t change when we showed up at the dealership.
  2. The people – everyone we dealt with was great; from the receptionist to the Sales Manager, Elie. Thank you to our salesman and delivery specialist Chris, and the F&I Manager.
  3. Getting the plate & registration at the time of delivery – the CVR process and not having to wait for the registration in the mail is awesome.
  4. Getting all of our questions answered.  About 3 days after we took delivery we had a few questions, so Courtney called Chris and he was able to walk her through everything right over the phone.
  5. Kept promises.  As you heard, they couldn’t find the books and extra key when we were there.  Three days later, there was a package at our house with both inside.  In addition, Chris emailed Courtney to let her know the package was in the mail and followed up to confirm delivery.

A Few Items Open For Improvement (but not detrimental):

  1. The headliner color should have been brought up before we got there, but keep in mind that you need to be cognizant of the difference between a real objection and a complaint.
  2. We wish the F&I presentation would have been made in person and in more detail. We needed a presentation. An email with options that were never opened wasn’t effective in this case.  In the end this may leave money on the table for the dealership.
  3. We wish we would have seen some of the options before we went on the test drive. These would have helped us to make our decision sooner.

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