Avoiding a False Sense of Productivity - Golden Nugget 021

Avoiding a False Sense of Productivity – Golden Nugget 021

This weeks Golden Nugget comes from our conversation with Josh Friedman in episode #39.

Josh brings up a valuable point about the follow up requirements many dealers put in place to try and stay in contact with sales leads. Oftentimes, in an effort to personalize emails on a more individualized basis, a dealership will require sales consultants or BDC representatives to open and click send on every single follow up assigned to them. The time it takes to open the message, edit it appropriately and then click send can create a very false sense of productivity. Especially if this occurs 50 or more times every day.

Could this time be spent on something more productive?

Give it a listen! It’s short and to the point!


Our Golden Nugget “mini episode” provides one actionable item that you can implement today! These are meant to get you moving in the right direction and provide a little motivation to try something new. Featuring a tip from our guest each week.

You can hear the full length episode with Josh here.

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