Sell Cars using Facebook

#01: Sell Cars Using Facebook the Right Way with Amy Gers

On our first episode we meet Amy Gers and her brand of sunshine. A pharmaceutical sales rep turned car sales professional. Amy shares why she loves to sell cars and we discuss why she made this career shift at 37.

Throughout the episode Amy lays out her strategy for obtaining customer reviews, and how those reviews have impacted her sales, online reputation and in dealership reputation. She also walks through how she utilizes FaceBook, giving specific examples of what to post and when. You will learn about the different content categories she uses and the guardrails she has put in place. Halfway through the episode you will hear a customer testimonial from Alison. Hear Alison’s reaction when I break the news to her that a long time friend works at the dealership she just purchased from. How can you keep front of mind and build relationships with current and prospective customers via online reviews and FaceBook? Listen to this weeks episode!
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Transcription – Amy Gers and Her Fast Track to Social Car Sales Success



I mention Jay Baers book Youtility in this episode. Click here to find it on amazon.
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