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WIIFM – Car Sales Stats That Mean Something

As I look through automotive news, headlines and current events it seems that there is a statistic tied to everything these days. Many statistics for car sales can be very compelling, but what’s the WIIFM? (Pronounced whiff – like you got a bad whiff of whatever someone is heating up in the staff microwave, followed by -um.) WIIFM is an acronym for ‘What’s In It For Me’?  I use this acronym a lot during sales training, but it can be applied to almost everything, including a discussion on automotive industry statistics.  Let’s take a look at a few statistics that caught my eye and dive a little bit further into the “WIIFM” and why it’s relevant to car sales and automotive industry.


  •  The Center for Generational Kinetics recently released research (May 2015) on the top 75 employers where Millennials want to work and grow their career.  In the ‘Medium Employer Category’ the top 3 companies are car dealerships! In fact, car dealerships or auto groups comprise 15 out of the top 75 spots.
    • The WIIFM: Car dealerships are changing the way they structure their business and work environment to meet the needs/wants of new employees.  Some are offering flex time scheduling or shared responsibility sales positions. Many have good benefits, including 401k match options and demo vehicle plans.  If you’re interested in entering the car business, this is a good time to begin!

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