- Digital Dealer 21 Review with Kevin Frye #DD21 – Digital Dealer 21 Review with Kevin Frye #DD21

Be Less Typical was mentioned in an article posted by Kevin Frye on the Dealer Refresh website and blog. Kevin was a previous guest on our show, and put together a great review on his experiences at Digital Dealer #21.

Kevin was kind enough to endorse the podcast by writing, “Courtney & Pat Hennessey’s “Be Less Typical” podcast is a Must Subscribe!”

You can read the entire article and all of his reviews here.


The Service Lane Triple Play - A Feature in Dealer Solutions Magazine

The Service Lane Triple Play – A Feature in Dealer Solutions Magazine

Be Less Typical was once again very proud to be featured in Dealer Solutions Magazine. With a contribution from Be Less Typical’s previous guest Amy Gers, and a combined effort from Patrick and Courtney, an article was published on how to best take advantage of the resources that can be found within the service lane in the dealership.

Through building relationships with service employees, actively seeking customer prospects and referrals, and uncovering great topics for your online social activity the Service Department is an easy place to look and amplify your sales game.

Check out the full length article on the Dealer Solutions website here.

carbiztoday - Be Less Typical in Car Sales Podcast

Car Biz Today Automotive Network

We were asked to share some of our thoughts on mentoring within the dealership on CBT news! If you aren’t familiar with this automotive news source, we highly recommend you subscribe and begin to connect with the expert opinions offered by the guests and hosts on this daily news show.

Each and every day they cover the hottest trending topics, training tips and news within the automotive industry. They feature guests that can help keep you both informed and push you to another level of professional growth.

You can view our first spot on the show here.

Check it out and be sure to follow the topics they cover!

Be Less Typical Car Sales - Whats the Word

What’s the Word Podcast with Cheval John

Cheval John is a best selling author and freelance writer that is also the host of the popular podcast, Whats the Word?

He set aside some time to have a candid conversation with Courtney and Patrick regarding their interests, experiences and what it is exactly that drives the automotive industry. He shared his thoughts about the perception of a car sales professional – and what the Be Less Typical – Car Sales podcast has done to change his thoughts about the people that suit up every day to go work at a dealership.

You can listen to the interview here.

5 Social Strategies from 5 Key Performers

After our recent appearance on a live recording of the popular show, Auto Dealer Live, we were asked to submit a short article for Dealer Solutions Magazine. Our topic of choice was to write about strategies for automotive sales consultants and the ways that they could utilize social media. Below, you will find the article that was submitted.

You can read the original publication here.

At Be Less Typical-Car Sales, we have had an opportunity to talk with some of today’s top car sales performers and find out how they are leveraging social media.

The following are the top 5 strategies we have uncovered:

1.  Share your day: Use social media to stay top of mind with your friends, family & social network. Everyone in your network should know where you work and what you do for a living. Share your work life by posting dealership events, new vehicle/model reveals and poll you audience questions.  For example: Post a picture of a new vehicle color option with a caption: Check out this new color. Love it -or- Hate it? This gets people engaged.

2.  Use video: Videos allow consumers to meet you before they come into the dealership.  Ideas for videos include walk arounds, option awareness/functionality & how to’s. For example: How to pair a mobile device with bluetooth in a vehicle.

3.  Hashtags: You might not see the ROI (return on investment) in black and white, but hashtagging allows customers to search and find your content easily without having to search through your social feed.  Is your dealership involved in a charity or do you provide content on a particular topic? If so, hashtag it.  For example: #DealOfTheDay

4.  Be Helpful: Create and curate content that customers are looking for. If you see a trend in the questions being asked, consider answering it on social.  This increases your visibility and builds your credibility as a trusted resource. How do you know what people want? Ask your customers!

5.  Use social to communicate: Offer it to customers as a means of follow up.  For example: Patrick, what’s your preferred method of communication; phone, email or direct message on social media? The benefits of leveraging social media in the marketplace are endless. Many dealerships are still questioning the use of it, but the question should be how to properly train employees to leverage it effectively. Follow the five key strategies we have shared and start experiencing the difference it can make in your business.

Be Less Typical - Everything is Marketing

Everything Is Marketing

Eric Hultgren, the host of the Everything is Marketing podcast, interviewed Courtney and Patrick about their new podcast launch, the storytelling format for their show, and why they are publishing a podcast about car sales. They discussed the ways in which dealers should be tackling how they “talk” to their customers and how the automotive industry is changing.

You can listen to the #EverythingIsMarketing episode here.

Be Less Typical - Auto Dealer Live

Auto Dealer Live

We were honored to be asked to appear on Auto Dealer Live to talk on a panel about whether it is possible to sell cars using social media. This coincided with our podcast launch series in which we spoke to some very talented automotive professionals about how they were utilizing Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and personal websites to elevate their influence and sell more vehicles.

You can check out the recorded episode here.