Social Media in Car Sales

#06: Social Media in Car Sales – Series Recap

A recap of what we learned from our first 5 guests is highlighted in this episode of “Be Less Typical” – Car Sales. We provide the main points and excerpts from our previous episodes and sum up the main highlights of our “Social Media in Car Sales” series for you to reflect on. We also provide a few examples of where we took our guests advice and put words into practice. We feel that if we can do itThen you can too!

This shows format is quite different from our first series where we build a story and narrate the guests commentary…but don’t worry, we will return to our favorite way to tell a story next week. In the meantime, we thought we would give this more traditional approach to a podcast a try. We would love your feedback. Do you prefer this format? Or, does the storytelling format of our first 5 episodes appeal more to you? Read more

Follow Up with FaceBook - Justin Helsene

#05: Following Up With Facebook Messenger? High Line Car Sales with Justin Helsene

In todays episode we meet Justin Helsene. He works for a large auto group and sells high line vehicles including Bentley and Lamborghini. He routinely handles transactions for vehicles valued at $100,000 or more! Surprisingly, his process and methods can be implemented even if you are selling what we would consider to be an “every day” type of car. His story and specific strategies are what surprised us most. We discuss the importance of relationship building and why follow up is key to long term success. He is very creative in how he communicates with his clients and has climbed the ranks from a starting point in the service department.

Ready to think about communicating with your customers in a different way? Let’s go! Read more

Making It a Dunn Deal - Be Less Typical Car Sales

#04: Making It A “Dunn” Deal – With Aaron Dunn

Aaron Dunn has only been in car sales for a year, yet has set himself up for success.  He’s created a website,, and an online brand that emulates his passion for helping people.  Aaron has D.R.I.V.E.  He meets his customers where they are at in the purchase process and uses multiple mediums to connect.  Join us as we uncover his story and secrets to finding success early on! Read more

Bryan Armstrong LinkedIn & Value Over Price

#03: The Secret To An Unforgettable Vehicle Presentation with Bryan Armstrong

Bryan ‘the car guy’ Armstrong shares a big fish story on Episode 3 of Be Less Typical – Car Sales. He also explains that creating a ‘big fish’ experience for your customers is the key to your automotive success. Throughout the episode, Bryan takes us back to the basics of sales. He outlines the importance of a strategic Feature, Advantage, Benefit approach using a Performance, Safety and Economy categorization technique. We also talk about the importance of having a defined mission statement and the best practice – 3 foot rule. Read more

Progressive Thinking and Motivation to Sell More Cars

#02: Progressive Thinking and Motivation to Sell More Cars with Melissa Granke

On our second episode we meet the Ohio Car Girl, Melissa Granke.  Melissa is a single mom who has built a successful career in the car business.

Melissa has taken a progressive approach to building her book of business online to help her sell more cars. She shares how to make and use organic (self made) video, on different social media platforms to build rapport and educate potential customers.  Her video strategy is built on the foundation of information sharing; new vehicle information, vehicle features and functionality & customer shopping tips.  She also shares her monetary and time investment to make and post these videos, along with the return on investment. Are you interested in using video as a way to learn product knowledge, all while helping educate and build rapport with customers?  Listen in to this week’s episode! Read more

Sell Cars using Facebook

#01: Sell Cars Using Facebook the Right Way with Amy Gers

On our first episode we meet Amy Gers and her brand of sunshine. A pharmaceutical sales rep turned car sales professional. Amy shares why she loves to sell cars and we discuss why she made this career shift at 37.

Throughout the episode Amy lays out her strategy for obtaining customer reviews, and how those reviews have impacted her sales, online reputation and in dealership reputation. She also walks through how she utilizes FaceBook, giving specific examples of what to post and when. You will learn about the different content categories she uses and the guardrails she has put in place. Halfway through the episode you will hear a customer testimonial from Alison. Hear Alison’s reaction when I break the news to her that a long time friend works at the dealership she just purchased from. How can you keep front of mind and build relationships with current and prospective customers via online reviews and FaceBook? Listen to this weeks episode! Read more

Be Less Typical - Car Sales

Why Car Sales and Why This Show?

An introduction to Be Less Typical – Car Sales, a show about what it’s really like to work in the car business.  Please allow us to introduce ourselves; your hosts, Patrick and Courtney Hennessey.

So…Why Car Sales & Why This Show?

Our mission is to help you find success and break the negative perception of the car business.  ‘Be Less Typical’, will tell the story of people within the automotive industry who have found success.  Hear directly from them, what strategies are working right now and how you can implement those strategies into your day to day operations.  You’ll also hear from customers who share how they like to shop, what they’re looking for in a sales person and how working with a less typical salesperson impacted their purchase and perception of the industry.

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