Changing the definition of success

Changing the Definition of Success – Golden Nugget 020

This weeks Golden Nugget comes from our conversation with Aaron Wirtz in episode #38.

In his episode, Patrick and Courtney spent a considerable amount of time discussing the importance of team culture and values. Two topics, when established in an organization, that can translate into a more meaningful career for employees.

They saved a portion of the conversation for this Golden Nugget. Aaron tells a story about an actual heart touching experience he had with a customer and his family not too long ago.

It left Courtney and Patrick thinking about the impact we all can have on another person. How what we do every day can have real meaning…sometimes in ways we could never imagine.

Give it a listen! It’s only about 7 minutes!


Our Golden Nugget “mini episode” provides one actionable item that you can implement today! These are meant to get you moving in the right direction and provide a little motivation to try something new. Featuring a tip from our guest each week.

You can hear the full length episode with Aaron here.

Do you have a Golden Nugget of advice? Please share them with us! We would love to hear your ideas! Message us on Twitter @BeLessTypical.

Episode intro music was created by Breakmaster Cylinder.

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