Your Competitor is Cheaper - Handling the objection. Golden Nugget 026

“Your Competitor is Cheaper” – Handling the objection. Golden Nugget 026

In episode #45 with Mike Davenport, the 5 keys to sales success were discussed at length. According to Mike, one of those keys is to learn how to effectively close. Patrick shared that closing begins with getting over the fear of asking for the sale. So many people miss out on sales and income because they never even ask for it. Why? Because they aren’t prepared to continue the conversation when their client brings up an objection.

Mike specifically called out an objection where his client will compare his price with a lower price being offered by one of his competitors. His advice was to ask:

“If the money was the same, who would you rather do business with?”

When they respond by saying they would prefer to buy from him, he asks:


“What else?”

“What else?”

And so on, until they run out of reasons. At that point, he’ll ask for the sale again. Listen to the Golden Nugget to hear him describe it. According to Mike, it almost never fails him.

The key for this to work is that you had better have done an excellent job throughout the process and earned the right to ask a close like this before you use it. The point is, you’re selling and closing based upon yourself, your reputation, and the experience you’re providing. Mike filled us in on the key aspects to providing the experience necessary to ensure this close will work during the full length episode. If you missed it, you can listen here.


Our Golden Nugget “mini episode” provides one actionable item that you can implement today! These are meant to get you moving in the right direction and provide a little motivation to try something new. Featuring a tip from our guest each week.

You can hear the full length episode with Mike here.

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