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We are Patrick and Courtney Hennessey, creators of the Be Less Typical in Car Sales podcast. If you’re new to car sales, just seeking additional training, or simply exploring a new career option, this page is for you! It contains the best ways to get involved with our community and will help lead you to the information to get up to speed quickly and start out your new journey confidently!

This car sales stuff – it’s not easy! Success does not happen overnight, but we know a good mentor can help you move the needle in the right direction, and thats why we’re here.

We are still developing this page, but for now here are the best ways you can reach us if you would like to connect or get involved (and we hope you do!).

Phone – 248.301.1610

Email – Click the link to message Patrick by Email or Courtney by Email

Twitter@BeLessTypical@PatrickHennJr, @CourtneyHenn

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We promise to personally respond to your message – so don’t be shy! We want to hear your story and be involved with whatever opportunities or challenges you are facing!