Do you Value Culture Over Production? Golden Nugget 027

Do You Value Culture Over Production? Golden Nugget 027

In episode #47, Adam Robinson talked a little bit about hiring new employees that seemed to fit into your company culture. That is, that they seemed to hold the same values that your organization puts in high esteem. He also raised a challenging question regarding current employees that might detract or work against the culture you already have in place. Should you keep them around? What if they were one of your top producers?

Adam says that they might be at the root of a turnover problem at many dealerships. Give it a listen!

What would you do?

Our Golden Nugget “mini episode” provides one actionable or thought provoking comment from our guest. They’re meant to get you moving in the right direction, or force you to consider a challenging industry related question.

You can hear the full length episode with Adam here.

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