Internet Car Sales - Insights and Innovation with Kevin Frye

#14: Internet Car Sales – Insights and Innovation with Kevin Frye

The evolution and acceptance of internet car sales and the strategy behind it has drastically changed the landscape of the retail automotive business. Our guest this week, Kevin Frye, lived the dream that many of us had when we were younger. He was a pilot in the United States Navy. In the episode we talk about his journey into the dealership world and the struggles he had early on as a pioneer, carving out a new way of selling cars digitally. He opens up and shares candid insights into how he has been able to establish a strong online presence and an e-commerce department that not only had to develop new and innovative processes, but also had to engineer a complete culture shift.


  • How you can find the courage to be a pioneer in your dealership.
  • Tips on what to do if you find that you are in an organization that is resistant to change.
  • What role management plays in changing the culture of a dealership, and what they can do to get involved.
  • How millennials stack up to the challenge, and the benefits they can provide.
  • How to network and connect with peers at live events or in online groups to help each other innovate.

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Click on the link below and we will send you the file that includes the pdf 5 Mistakes to Avoid That Will Help You Get the Most Out of Your Next Conference. It is available for download so that you can reference it again in the future.

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  • Kevin references a platform that his dealership uses to deploy video to their customers. You can find information here – Authntk
  • We referenced Kinny Landrum and his innovative social selling strategies in the episode. You can click here for episode 11 & episode 12.

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Transcription – Internet Car Sales – Insights and Innovation with Kevin Frye

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