Jonathan Dawson & The Movie Called "Your Life"

#20: Jonathan Dawson & The Movie Called “Your Life”

Jonathan Dawson, owner of Sellchology – an automotive sales training, speaking and consultant company explains how his entrepreneurial spirit kicked in at a young age and how he eventually found himself in the car business. Before Jonathan was successful, he spent some time learning at the school of “hard knocks.” With the counsel of his faith, he committed to being the best in the business and became the top salesman at his dealership.

In his Sellchology sales seminars, Jonathan teaches selling through principles and psychology, rather than mimicking traits or selling through process.

Jonathan offers three action items to set yourself up for success:

  1. Productivity tracking
  2. Use of technology to connect with your audience
  3. Becoming a student of the business

He also discusses how to overcome the biggest obstacle salespeople face which is that they don’t take ownership for their role in the way things play out. Until salespeople take responsibility for their own results, they stay stuck being average instead of being great.

Jonathan describes this philosophy as directing, and starring in a movie called, “Your Life.”

Another tactic he shares from his seminars are “subtle language changes.” Changing how you phrase your words can influence and impact customers motivation to buy.

As a nod to his father, who worked countless hours to support the family, Jonathan teaches salespeople who spend long hours at the dealership to make the best use of their time in order guarantee financial security.  He says he is, “Saving the world, one salesperson at a time.”


  • Three action items to set yourself up for success:
    • Productivity tracking
    • Use of technology
    • Becoming a student of the business
  • Subtle language changes that can influence customers motivation to buy.
  • How to go from being average to great by overcoming the biggest obstacle salespeople face.
  • Why you are the director and star of a movie called, “Your Life.”

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