Just Give. A Different Strategy for Selling Cars with Kyle Costa

Ep 41: Just Give. A Different Strategy for Selling Cars with Kyle Costa

If you were looking for a teenage Kyle Costa, the best place to find him would have been in his parents garage, where he spent many hours building race cars. Kyle’s career in the car business began when he was a high school co-op student changing oil at a Ford dealership.

Deciding that he would someday become a mechanic, Kyle worked alongside master mechanics as an apprentice. Until one day, a guy in the shop noticed his lackluster demeanor and challenged him to find a job that he could see himself in long term.

It was then that Kyle set his sights on a sales manager position. One day he walked into the general manager’s office and asked to be moved from service to sales. He left with orders to come back the next day in a suit and tie.

That was ten years ago. Today, Kyle is the Internet Sales Manager at Bustard Chrysler Jeep, in Waterloo, Ontario.

Kyle offers some time tested advice:

  1. Never, ever lose your enthusiasm. Positive energy and excitement elicits the same in response. One way to gain a customer for life is to offer up an upbeat attitude.
  2. Stay out of the huddle. Once a salesperson has seen some initial success it is easy to enter the huddle and surround yourself with negativity. That negativity eats away at your enthusiasm and energy.
  3. Buyers aren’t liars. Salespeople encourage customers to answer dishonestly with the way questions are asked. Try rephrasing the question make the customer be more forthcoming.
  4. Don’t give up on following up. Kyle will follow up in excess of 20 times in order to make contact with an internet lead.
  5. Establish a process for how you work an internet lead. Your CRM will help you track your follow ups, but Kyle prefers to print out each lead and write notes for where he is in his process. This helps him stay organized and allows him to share his progress with his partners, should they need jump in and assist.
  6. Refrain from bashing the competition. – Always.
  7. Be a giver. A different strategy for selling cars is to be a giver. In the sales process, it feels comfortable to be in control and do things in the order in which feels right to you. But if the customer wants to adjust the order of the sales process to suit his or her agenda, give them the ability to do so. Come from a point of agreement. It doesn’t have to happen in any specific way. This could be a refreshing change for someone who has already shopped other dealers. Managers should allow their salespeople to tailor their process around the individual customer.



  • Why buyers aren’t liars.
  • The need for extreme follow up.
  • The “give” mentality



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