Leveraging Service to Grow Your Commercial Sales Production

Leveraging Service to Grow Your Commercial Sales Production – Golden Nugget 028

In episode 48 we met Joe Pecherski, a Commercial and Medium Duty Truck Manager for a dealership in Michigan. In the episode, Joe focused in on how the commercial business differs from regular showroom sales, and how to set yourself up for long term success.

One of those factors had to do with building a strong relationship with your service department because it will result in sales for you down the road. You should focus in on driving business to them at any opportunity. And if you have a team, it’s important they do the same.

He expands on the thought in this Golden Nugget – and gives a great example of one way he watches for the opportunity to wow future clients. It’s definitely a less typical tactic. 

Our Golden Nugget “mini episode” provides one actionable or thought provoking comment from our guest. They’re meant to get you moving in the right direction, or force you to consider a challenging industry related question.

You can hear the full length episode with Joe here.

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