Mike Davenport 5 Keys for Sales Success

Ep 45: Mike Davenport: 5 Keys for Sales Success

Bachman Chevrolet’s “Louisville Chevy Dude,” Mike Davenport sold seven cars his first month in sales. To date, that is his worst month ever. Mike’s steady growth and sales success over the last 17 years is credited to the philosophy of taking care of the customer first.

Back in 2000, when posting a resume on a job search site was still a novel concept, Mike put his resume online and quickly received interest from car dealerships. Faced with a negative perception of the car business and an introverted personality, he opted to pass.

Eventually a call from a recruiter put him in the position to choose between a guaranteed pay plan position at Saturn or a draw and commission based position at Cadillac. With his young family in mind, Mike took the offer from Saturn. He quickly learned the business and discovered his extroverted side, which emerged as soon as he hit the showroom floor. He also found that good people outnumber the bad in car dealerships and that old school ways have changed for the better.


Mike offers five recommendations for new sales consultants:

  1. Each dealership has a step by step selling process. Learn and implement these steps. Take time every day to invest in your ongoing training and development.
  2. Know your product line inside and out. Know your competitors product lines too. Also, take time each day to walk the lot and familiarize yourself with your inventory.
  3. Learn how to close and never miss an opportunity to ask for the sale.
  4. Create the mindset that you are there to take care of the customer.
  5. Set a goal to sell one car per day. Plan and prepare to accomplish your goal.


One way Mike works to accomplish his goal of one sale per day is by working his follow ups. He follows up at least 17 times in the year following a sale. He makes calls, sends emails, birthday cards, sports schedules, Christmas cards and a quarterly newsletter. His objective is to keep his name in front of the customer, since statistics show that the customer often forgets the salespersons name within the first six months after driving off the lot.

Another way he keeps in touch is with an app called “RockstarSalesman.com,” which enables him to remain in contact with his customers 24/7 in case there is opportunity for him to assist.

In addition to follow ups, Mike uses social media extensively, with Facebook and Snapchat at the top of the list. He also asks every customer to review him on social media. His goal is to have the customer spread the word for him. The best compliment he can receive is that the car buying experience was “no pressure.”

Mike says that a job in car sales is really a two person job. Not only must the salesperson commit themselves 100% to the job, their spouse or significant other must commit themselves to allow the salesperson to commit themselves to the job. It’s a time consuming job, but the financial rewards will justify the time spent at work.


  • Your most important role in car sales (taking care of the customer).
  • Five recommendations for new sales consultants.
  • A relentless follow up schedule that works.
  • Why you and your spouse or significant other must both commit to your success.



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