Tips For Using Periscope with Quentin Groce

#16: Tips For Using Periscope and The Ultimate Delivery Experience with Quentin Groce

Periscope is a hot topic these days in the Social Media community. How do we best use it at the dealership level? Our guest this week helps to reveal some simple ways that you can start to use it and connect with your audience.

Quentin Groce is a sales consultant at BMW of Ann Arbor, a Suburban Collection dealership in Michigan. His specialty is to drill down and focus in on the relationship aspect of selling cars. He has a number of simple, yet very memorable techniques that are easily adopted into any sales process. These techniques are incredibly inexpensive and effective in exceeding expectations.

He also takes the time to review his strategy and approach with using Periscope. If you aren’t familiar with the live streaming app, we break it down very simply in the episode. It can be a very effective way to connect with the marketplace and open the door for a new way to get your message out to the public.


  • How to encourage a “team” atmosphere on the showroom floor.
  • How buying an Apple Macbook relates to your customer needs assessment.
  • About Multi Level Marketing organizations and the referral machine.
  • Ways to Create unforgettable delivery experiences for your customers
  • Steps to getting started with Periscope.

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Transcription of Quentin Groce


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