The Case for Pricing Cars at MSRP with Josh Friedman

Ep 39: The Case for Pricing Cars at MSRP with Josh Friedman

Josh Friedman, New Car Sales Manager at a Chevrolet dealership near Washington D.C. began his career in advertising and as a radio producer. In the early 1990’s when the Saturn brand launched, Josh was drawn to the “Different Kind of Car Company, Different Kind of Car,” ad campaign, so he applied for a job at a Saturn dealership and has been in the car business ever since.

Over the years, Josh’s management position evolved from a one man internet sales manager to a sales manager that oversees an entire sales floor of “internet-able” employees.

To transition from an internet department of one to an entire sales staff responsible for internet leads, Josh’s dealership invested in a new CRM that issues a number of templated follow up emails and phone call tasks. By splitting up the internet leads amongst a large group of salespeople, everyone has a manageable amount of follow up work to do. This means that salespeople can take time to create personal email follow up messages, rather than using templated emails that may be identical to messages customers receive from other dealers.

Josh says that customers crave personal interactions and the magic ingredient in those interactions is “authenticity.” To stand out, salespeople must craft authentic messages rather than relying on templated responses. He suggests stopping to read templates and see how you can better personalize them.

Part of authenticity is accurately defining yourself on social media. According to Josh, customers seek out their salesperson online to determine if he or she is someone they can trust and want to spend time with. Josh offers tips on how to assure your social media profile is authentic:

  1. Make sure your social media profiles exist and are searchable.
  2. Make sure they are professional.
  3. Make sure they tell the story of who you are.

Many dealerships around the country advertise highly discounted prices on their vehicles. But in the spirit of authenticity, Josh’s dealership advertises MSRP. He says it gives customers pause and inspires a healthy skepticism about the rock bottom prices they see competitors advertising.

Josh acknowledges that not everyone on a dealership sales staff has the ability to make decisions about how to advertise, so he offers some tips for those that are responsible for setting appointments. He recommends:

  • Be transparent and offer reasonable answers.
  • Speak with authority and confidence.
  • Come across as somebody YOU would want to do business with.



  • The Magic Ingredient: Authenticity.
  • Why your social media profile is important.
  • Tips for creating an authentic social media profile.
  • Why you should consider advertising your inventory at MSRP.
  • Guidelines for setting appointments.




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