Test Drive or Demo? Every Customer, Every Time, No Exceptions!

Test Drive or Demo? Every Customer, Every Time, No Exceptions!

Are you in sales? Do you “test drive” or demo your product with prospective clients? Every time? If not you may be missing out on happier clients & sales!

Last week on my way into work I was listening to one of my many podcasts downloaded directly to my phone. Sometimes, I listen quietly but others I find myself commenting as if I am on a talk show like ‘ESPN Around the Horn’ or ‘The View’, debating or agreeing with the content coming through my speakers. This morning was definitely a talk show morning!

This particular day I was on stage interacting with the Be Less Typical Podcast. Their episode, Audi Envy – Leasing a New Car from the Customer Perspective.

​Did he ask them any questions to know what is important to them?

​Why is he talking about kids when they don’t have any?

​OMG…he’s not going on the test drive? Why is he not going on the test drive?! Get in the ​car buddy!

This was just some of my dialogue happening in my car, hand motions and all! No wonder the GMC Sierra truck that passed by was looking at me funny.

During the episode, Courtney & Patrick have already worked with a Manager they know at the dealership and selected the car they want to see but are not 100% on it. Does this sound familiar? Sounds like a warm lead to me, but not a closed sale!

So that begs the question, what is riding on that sale? What they state in the episode is their thoughts during the 20 minute test drive that will give them the thumbs up or down. Whats crazy about this is the sales person does not go on the test drive, his prime time to show off how great this car will be for them!


Are you in sales? Whether you are selling cars, nutritional shakes, cookware, custom suits, computers or IT services, are you demoing what your product or service will do for the client; helping them imagine how it will impact their lives daily? Where in your process does the customer make their decision? For cars its the test drive, custom suit it’s how you like the fabrics and so on.

So back to the test drive…

In this case it was a 20 minute test drive and Courtney and Patrick give us real world insight into what is going on in the customer’s heads while they are deciding on our products. They make comments during the drive like, “I don’t know where to find it”, referring to the music or “do the leather seats feel different to you?” All things you could easily explain/demo or assist with right at that time they come up and even expand upon the ergonomics of why something is where it is at and making their drive easier. When the customer comes back, what will you say? Classically you would ask excitedly, “So what did you think?!”

By this time the customer may have forgotten all their questions that came up about the radio, texture of the leather or why this thing on the dash changes from numbers to blank. During the drive/demo is the time you have to overcome those objections or concerns!

Luckily for the salesperson, in this case he got a sale! Wahoo! Now we move on to the “Delivery” where the Courtney & Patrick took ownership of their new ride and when things get interesting.

Throughout the delivery process Courtney and Patrick learn all about the cool stuff their new car does and even make comments that would be put into the bucket of “I didn’t know the car could do that!” Now, I’m not saying you are going not have moments like this if you demo your product, but they will be fewer and farther between; not to mention the customer decision process leading to the sale will shorten because they see more value prior to saying yes to purchasing.

ADDED BONUS – Spending more time up front in the demo results in less time during the delivery because the customer already knows about the great features pertaining to their purchase. During the taking ownership process, you can now reiterate what a great decision your client has made through recall of options they loved.

EXAMPLE: remember on the maps how you can check out your nearest Starbucks? You ​can use that on your trip tomorrow with your new car to your customer in Ohio. OR ​​Remember how we showed you the non-stick feature on your pans? Now you don’t have ​to use fattening oils or butter to grease the pan for your eggs for tomorrow’s breakfast. ​​The possibilities are endless!

My challenge to you! Do a solid needs assessment, demo important features and be there during your “test drive” with every customer, every time, no exceptions!

I guarantee you it will help you close more deals and create happier clients!

– Are you receiving warm leads from your management team or lead generation efforts?
– Are you asking the right questions to be able to demo your product properly and show value the customer will find in their ownership?
– Are you actually doing a solid demo and presentation when the demo happens to help the customer make a decision?
– Are you hearing your clients say “I didn’t know it/you could do that!?!” You are missing out on sales and truly connecting with them during the demonstration phase when they are picturing their ownership!

Written By: Quentin “Q” Groce – Client Advisor at BMW of Ann Arbor and previous featured guest of Be Less Typical.

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