The Ugly Truth About Your CRM & How to Conquer It with Bill Stout

#18: The Ugly Truth About Your CRM & How to Conquer It with Bill Stout

Effective and efficient follow up is key to staying top of mind with your customer base. Bill Stout, a veteran salesman at Scholfield West Hyundai in Wichita, Kansas shares why he doesn’t rely on his dealership’s CRM to keep track of his customers. He explains how he devised his own system to stay in front of his customers long after they drive off the lot. Bill offers simple, “dirt cheap,” ways to keep in touch that provide big returns on a small investment.

Like many top performers, Bill follows a structured workday. He builds time into his day to reach out to past customers in hopes of gaining repeat or referral business. He also sets a daily, quantifiable goal to meet new people that are either in the market to buy a car or know someone who is. Bill offers tips on how and when to fit prospecting into a busy workday.

A mission statement is kept clearly visible within Bill’s workspace and on his personal website He knows it by heart, but he still takes time to read it and live by it, every day.


Important Links:

NADA: Employee Salaries at New-Car Dealerships Rise – F&I and Showroom, October 2015

Bill Stout’s Website

American Greetings – Send e-cards

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  • 30 days $4
  • 1 year $20
  • 2 years $30

Fantus Greeting Cards – Bulk greeting cards

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Auto Alert


Here  is a description of Bill’s Follow Up Cadence:

Text or call your customer –

  • 1 day after agreeing to purchase
  • 3 days after delivery
  • 1 week after delivery
  • 1 month after delivery
  • Every six months



The Ugly Truth About Your CRM and Follow Up with Bill Stout


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  1. Ryan Thompson
    Ryan Thompson says:

    This was a great listen during a walk to work. Keep up the great work .Thank you cards are one of the must under utilized follow up tactics out there.

    They will never go out of style.

    Cheers from Canada!


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