Think Like a Customer with Josh Mitchell

Ep 43: Think Like a Customer with Josh Mitchell

Before Josh Mitchell joined Dan Cummins Chevrolet in Paris, Kentucky he was looking to challenge himself in his career. Car sales seemed like “sales on steroids,” so he decided to give it a shot.

After just three months Josh was moved from the sales floor to Internet Sales. Since starting nearly six years ago, dealership sales output has grown by five times. He attributes this growth in part to the culture instilled by the dealership owner who communicates and empowers the managers who do the same for their employees.

Currently, Josh manages a BDC of ten employees who cultivate internet leads and turn them over to sales when they schedule an appointment.

Josh is a hands on manager who would prefer to hire individuals with no dealership sales experience and train them himself, rather than hire a “hot shot,” with prior experience. He finds excellent candidates in unexpected places like the food service industry. Josh sits down with each of his employees for monthly five minute meetings in order to understand what motivates each individual specifically. He also discusses their career goals so that he help develop their skill set.

Josh has experienced some challenges running a BDC. Everything moves faster in online sales, compared to traditional showroom sales. The importance of a prompt response to a prospective lead cannot be understated. If virtual shoppers aren’t engaged quickly, they will move on to another dealer who will respond quickly. Josh discusses the challenge of having a virtual shopper that isn’t served fast enough by dealership personnel who are used to working with customers in person. Josh says the best way to remedy this is to look into your process and try to address the pain points. He also recommends trying to think like the customer. Be sure to treat the virtual customer the same as you would an in person customer.

Allowing his employees to manage themselves when he is out of the office is something Josh struggled with. But once he realized that everyone has a stake in the business, he found that much needed time away from the office was possible.

Some final thoughts that Josh offers to management are: Be humble and understand that nothing is guaranteed. You’re in it for the long game, so just because you had a great month last month doesn’t guarantee anything next month.



  • The value of the five minute meeting and what topics to cover during meetings.
  • Where to find talented people eager to work in sales.
  • Why internet customers are just as important as customers inside the store and must be handled with the same urgency.
  • Why you should be playing the long game, because nothing is guaranteed.



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