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You Can, You Will: Cultivating Confidence


Confidence is an attitude that is carefully developed through very specific behaviors.

“I can’t, I’m scared, What if I fall?” When I coached gymnastics, I heard these lines all the time. The girls were ages seven to thirteen, in a novice level, working towards intermediate.  I remember responding, “You can, and you will!” I’d ask them, “How do you think you’ll feel when you make it?” “What part, specifically are you scared of and why?” From there we would discuss a plan and routine to move from “I can’t,” to “I did it!”.

One way we transitioned from questioning to confidence, was to visualize the perfect routine. This visualization came after we had practiced the tumbling or tricks, before we started working on putting the entire routine together. This is how we cultivated confidence. With confidence that we could make it through the routine without falling, we knew we would finish strong. Now I’m not saying there wasn’t falling and missteps during practice or even during competition sometimes, but we were prepared. We had built confidence, and we went for it!

It’s funny how these lessons have stuck with me throughout life. From my coaches instilling the lesson in me, to being given the opportunity to pass them onto the next generation. The mindset of searching and finding a solution, rather than basking in the problem or being paralyzed by fear. The lessons of preparation and practice are what ultimately cultivates confidence.

How are you going to cultivate confidence today?  

  1. Visualize where you want to go or what you want to be
  2. Chart out your plan to get there
  3. Execute your plan


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